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What is a Will, and Why is it so Important?

A will is a legal document in which you can designate specific people to receive your assets at the time of your death. The most significant benefit to having a will is choice. You can choose to who you give your assets to. If you have minor children, you can appoint a guardian to raise them if both parents are deceased or unfit. Having a will is also a huge relief you can provide for your family. It simplifies things, eliminates confusion, and avoids disputes in an already challenging time.
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What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

If you die without a will, this eliminates your choice in the matter. Your assets will be divided amongst whomever in your immediate family or those in your extended family who are eligible. Unmarried couples who live together are not included in this, so in the event of death, their partner would not inherit anything without a will. If you have young children, a court will determine who will care for them.

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Write a Will?

Wills don’t have to be written by lawyers. Simple, straightforward wills can often be written by yourself with some research. But for some instances, it’s highly recommended. You may want a lawyer to draft your will if:

  • You have a large number of assets
  • You have complex instructions
  • You own a small business
  • You have minor children; especially if you must make arrangements for the care of an incapacitated child
  • You have been remarried
  • You believe your will might be contested

Of course, if you have any questions, an estate planning lawyer is your best source of information. Even if you decide to write your own will, you may feel more comfortable having a lawyer review it.

Why You Should Have Your Will Reviewed Periodically

Things change constantly. Children and grandchildren are born, and you may marry, divorce, or start a business. Sometimes state laws change, or you may move to a state with different requirements. Don’t forget how these changes may affect your will. Consult an estate planning lawyer to assess these changes and ensure your will is up-to-date and accurately reflects your wishes. To keep up with these changes, you should consider having a regular will-reviewal date every 3-5 years.


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