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Having a well-qualified and experienced elder law attorney is essential when considering conservatorship in a loved one’s life. Often friends and family of someone who needs conservatorship are new to its benefits. Elder Law Attorney, Paul Jeddeloh, can help you to find out what conservatorship is and how it can benefit you and your loved one. Contact today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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What is Conservatorship in Minnesota?

A conservatorship is mainly for managing finances or making certain decisions on your loved one’s behalf. This section of elder law is often put into place when someone has either money or property that they are having difficulty managing. Unlike a guardian, conservators typically do not make decisions regarding health care or the division or sale of personal property.

The conservator’s primary duty is to handle the protected person’s finances, banking, and real estate transactions. Steps should be taken to have a conservator appointed. One of these initial steps is to file a motion with the court. An elder law attorney is recommended to help with each of the required actions in the steps of conservatorship. Hiring a conservatorship attorney with experience, compassion, and an understanding of your unique case will benefit all parties involved.


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Minnesota Conservator Responsibilities

The conservator of a person or an estate is limited to completing actions that the court approves. However, the approved duties may be broad and enable the conservator to manage all of that person’s financial affairs. The caveat of court approval is in place to protect the individual. The conservator can use the person’s funds to pay for the protected person’s support, maintenance, and education. It also includes seeking governmental benefits or support to meet those needs. If the person has both a conservator and a guardian, it is the responsibility of the conservator to apply for those governmental benefits.

The Basics of MN Elder Law

There are options if a person becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves. Family and friends want to ensure their loved one’s needs are met. Some important legal aspects to consider are guardianship, conservatorship, and power of attorney. These roles are essential to ensure safety, protection, and well-being. Decision-making is an important aspect in the life of someone who cannot make their own decisions due to physical or mental incapacitation.

Necessary Conservatorship Documentation

The conservator is responsible for accounting for the individual’s funds annually if requested by the court. Many cases require detailed documentation of a list of the estate assets under their control and all receipts, disbursements, and payments. Having an experienced conservatorship attorney working for you, will help you understand which regulations might apply to your legal situation.

Conservatorships in MN

Power of Attorney Vs. Conservatorship

Although it may initially seem confusing, the difference between conservatorship and power of attorney usually comes down to the petition’s timing. While either a conservatorship or a power of attorney provides an individual with assistance in financial matters, a power of attorney is typically put in place before a person cannot make their own decisions. Your elder law attorney will be able to explain the important differences and help you determine if either one applies to your case.


Elder Law Options

The role of a conservator in a person’s life becomes essential once the individual is deemed unable to make sound financial decisions. The options available to family members become important to protect all involved. The safety and well-being of your loved one is the most important consideration to be concerned with. Paul Jeddeloh is a local elder law attorney who understands your situation’s importance to you. Having the best local elder law attorney working for you will give you peace of mind and protection for your loved one’s future. Contact Attorney Paul Jeddeloh today for your initial consultation to find out how conservatorship could work for you and your loved one.

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