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What is Civil Commitment

Civil commitment is a court order for a person to receive treatment on the basis of mental health and public safety concerns. Treatment through civil commitment may be appropriate for those who are mentally ill, sexually dangerous, or chemically dependent and are seen as a threat to themselves or others. The court-ordered treatment may be involuntary if the person is unwilling to seek treatment on their own. In that case, mental health professionals must determine if civil commitment is necessary to eliminate any threat or harm the person has to themselves or the public.

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The Civil Commitment Process

Multiple factors can begin the civil commitment process. Anytime there is a valid reason to believe someone is a potential harm to themselves or others, it can be appropriate for a psychological evaluation to take place to see if civil commitment is needed. One may request evaluation themselves, or the request can be made for them. Crime is one common reason for there to be an investigation. If someone believes that a person committed a crime due to their current state of mental health, they may request that person seek treatment. Hospitals and clinics are also common places to recognize that a person needs treatment. If these assumptions are justifiable, there should be further investigations to see if civil commitment is necessary.

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Final Steps

If the medical examiner determines that civil commitment is appropriate, they will file a request through a county attorney. There will then be a court proceeding to debate arguments for and against admitting a person into treatment. In court, a judge will decide the best treatment for the individual. Often, this can mean admitting the client into a hospital or treatment facility. However, there are also outpatient care alternatives allowing individuals to seek treatment from their own homes. An experienced attorney can help ensure you receive the treatment most suitable for you.
After an initial request is made, a county attorney will arrange for a pre-screening. During the screening, a psychiatric professional will evaluate various factors regarding the patient. These factors may include the current situation and allegations. They may consist of the patient’s medical history, criminal records, mental health state, and other appropriate information. The professional may also turn to the patient’s doctor, family, employer(s), or other individuals who may express concern in order to properly review the information relevant to go ahead with civil commitment.


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Why hire a lawyer?

It is necessary to seek a lawyer’s professional advice and guidance when dealing with a potential civil commitment case. Civil commitment cases are often involuntary and temporarily hinder a person’s freedom when receiving treatment. Therefore it’s essential to protect your human rights to make sure an appropriate determination is made. If you believe that civil commitment is not suitable for you, hiring a lawyer can help explore other options, such as seeking treatment independently or acquiring outpatient treatment. With over 40 years of experience in elder law, Paul Jeddeloh will take on civil commitment cases and always consider your best interests.

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