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Lease Agreements

A commercial lease agreement is a legal contract that allows a business to rent commercial space from a landlord. There are three main types of commercial leases: full-service leases, net leases, and modified gross leases. These lease agreements determine both rent prices and other expenses to be paid between the tenant and landlord. A commercial lease agreement can sometimes be complicated, so having a business law attorney can help guide you through the process.


A lien is a notice attached to a property that has not paid its debts of that property to an outside party. The individual or business that previously performed work on the property will file for a lien if they do not receive their money. The lien is held on the property until the debt is paid in full. Liens are used to keep track of any collateral debt owed and prevent the property from being sold if the debt is still not paid to the creditor. A few different types of liens you may encounter when renting your business space include a mechanic’s lien and a property tax lien. Both liens are brought upon from not paying for reconstruction costs or taxes on the building. An experienced business law attorney can help to ensure a lien is not preventing your business from operating or in debt to another party. If you are a lien holder, an attorney can assist you in protecting the current lien.



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An easement is a legal right of way given by one property owner to the other for commercial purposes. Examples of a commercial easement may include a business allowing electrical infrastructure on the land to provide electricity or granting an easement to a railroad company by granting them the right to build and maintain a rail line across a property they don’t own. Easements will grant this legal permission to an outside party, allowing them to use a part of the commercial real estate without owning the entire property. An experienced attorney that specializes in business law can offer legal advice on when and how to use easements when owning and operating a commercial business


Land use is understanding and knowing the laws and rules when developing or reconstructing commercial developments. Every state and city has different laws containing the desired use of land, between assessment agreements, zoning changes, tax increment financing, and much more. Following legal requirements when owning and operating land or commercial property is essential. Hiring the right attorney to ensure your business is legally using the land ensures you are protected.


When looking for a location for your business, whether to build, buy or lease, you may need to consider a zoning variance. Because areas are zoned for specific purposes, your business may only be able to operate in a location with a variance legally. For example, a property may zoned for retail stores, but you may want to run a construction company in that area. In this case, you will need to request a variance, a legal exception to a zoning ordinance that allows you to build and operate a business in a location you wouldn’t otherwise be entitled. Requests may be granted by a local planning or zoning board in the area. An experienced business law attorney can assist with variances to help you open your business in no time.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiation involves two or more parties discussing and compromising contract terms and agreements. Negotiating agreements is essential to ensure that all parties receive a fair deal out of the contract. Seeking legal advice when negotiating commercial real estate contracts for purchase or commercial lease agreements can help minimize potential contract disputes and save money down the road.


Real estate litigation is used by real estate agents, business owners, landlords, and lenders to resolve disputes. Litigation can arise over a variety of conflicts but is common when dealing with leasing agreements or business contracts. A knowledgeable business law attorney is vital to help advocate for your business needs while negotiating such disputes.


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